For customers on Rewind's Free Flex plan:

Rewind offers daily, automatic backups performed each night at 12am (local time). However, you do not have access to real-time monitoring (continuous, automatic backups of any and every change made to your store in real time) or manual backups (which can be initiated at any given time, per your needs).

These additional backup features are available on all other Rewind plans. Your subscription must be upgraded if you wish to gain access to these features.

If you have any questions about upgrading your current plan, please email us at


For customers on all other Rewind plans:

If you have just subscribed or upgraded to any plan higher than our Free Flex plan, then in addition to daily, automatic backups, you should have access to both real-time, continuous backups, as well as manual backups.

From your Rewind Home Page, this information is located within your Details section, and should look like this:

If, for whatever reason, one or neither of these options is properly available to you, simply contact us directly at and request that we enable these features for you.

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