At this time, store owners can only view their backed up Option Sets from within their Rewind Vault. We are currently working on incorporating its rewind feature, and intend to implement it for our customers in the near future. 

*In the meantime, if you need to rewind your Option Sets - individually, multiple, or all at once (in bulk) - please contact us directly at, as we can perform this task from our end, at your request. 


To view your backed up Option Sets from your Rewind Vault, complete the following steps:

1. You can locate the Option Sets you're looking for either by searching it (by name, SKU, key words, etc.) in the Search bar, or by filtering the results by selecting Option Set.

As you'll see, the Option Set filter tag will now be highlighted and move to the front of the filter tag list. The results will now only display your Option Sets. You can choose to further narrow down the search further by using the Search bar, if desired.

3. To expand on the details of that Option Set, click on the '+' sign.

4. By default, you will now be able to view that Option Set's name, and the time it was either added, updated, restored, or removed to/from the shop and Rewind Vault. 

To view the actual backed up versions of that Option Set, click on 'View Versions'.

5. Here, you will see the current/active version of the Option Set on the left-hand side of the page. 

You can sort through and choose other saved versions of this Option Set by going under Versions, on the right of the page.

If you need to know any other details about the Option Set that is not currently shown in the UI, contact us at and we can provide you this additional information.


How often will my Option Sets be backed up?

As Option Sets are part of a Product, we will automatically backup Product changes - such as its Option Sets - each night during your store's daily automated backup at 12am local time for all customers.

Customers on our New Business plan and higher will also have Product changes saved in real-time, as well as the ability to kick off a manual backup of their whole store whenever needed.

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