As of June, 2018, Rewind can now automatically backup and restore your store's Stencil Theme(s).

***We cannot, however, backup your Blueprint Themes, as there is no API from BigCommerce to allow us to either access or backup Blueprint Themes.***

If an existing customer, you will need to provide authorization for Rewind to have the ability to view and modify your Themes. You need to do this to enable theme backups. We need permission to view Themes in order to back them up, as well as permission to modify them in order to restore them.

This can be done directly by opening up your Rewind app plugin from the Admin section of your dashboard, or by visiting our app listing and then clicking "Update".

You will see the following page:

Simply authorize permission by clicking "Confirm", and Rewind will then be able to start backing up your Themes! :)

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