***PLEASE NOTE: BigCommerce doesn't yet provide us all of the web-hooks necessary to be able to note all Product changes (specifically ones that are saved inline/automatically by BigCommerce), and so we strongly recommend clicking the "Save" button on your Product page periodically when updating/editing a Product. 

This will ensure that ALL aspects of the Product are being saved by BigCommerce while you're working on it, in the way Rewind needs in order to be able to properly back those Product changes up for you to your Vault.***


When you rewind a BigCommerce Product, you're rewinding the Product to a previous state, or bringing back a deleted Product. Here's what happens to the information in the Product:

  • Product details - including the Title, Description, Prices, SKUs, etc. - are all restored to the way they were.
  • When rewinding a deleted Product, all the Product reviews are added to the Product. Regardless of which version of the Product you're rewinding to (even if the reviews happened after that date), all the reviews are added back to the Product. If you're simply updating a Product, the reviews aren't changed.
  • The Product is added to the Category / Categories it was in at the date / time you're rewinding to. If the Category / Categories don't exist, they will be created. If they have been renamed, the Product will be added to the Category / Categories with the new name.
  • Metadata is not yet saved or restored in a rewind - however, we do backup and can rewind the following SEO Product fields:
  • Per BigCommerce's rules, the Product ID is changed when you rewind a deleted Product. This may impact other services / integrations that rely on the Product ID.
  • In the past, Rewind was not able in the past to automatically backup and/or rewind your Products' Option Sets. We've since reconfigured our system so that this can now be done. Options and Option Sets are automatically backed up now, and can be restored in a rewind.
  • Rewind can currently backup and rewind Product-based Complex Rules, but we're not able to rewind/restore Option Set Complex Rules. BigCommerce doesn't provide that data via their API.
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