The 'Copy Your Shop' feature provides the most time-efficient way for you to perform a bulk copy of one or more items from one store to another.

As the top feature when choosing a Replay Task to perform, it also allows you to enable continuous, automatic copying - so that any and all changes to the copyable items within your master store are thereby copied over to the selected destination shop(s) in real-time.


To copy your shop, complete the following instructions:

1. From your Replay home page, select "New Replay Task".

2. Click the top option from the drop-down list, "Copy your shop".

3. Select which items (in bulk) you wish to copy.

Note: On the right-hand side of the page, under 'Summary', your actions will be updated and reflected there, so you can see exactly what it is you're copying, and - as you'll soon see - to where.

4. If you wish to maintain a continuous, automatic copy between your master store to your destination store(s), select "Continuously copy changes".

Going forward, any changes made to any of the selected items above (that you wish to copy) in your master shop will automatically be copied over and changed within your destination store(s) as well, in real-time.

*NOTE: If you have selected PRODUCTS and/or COLLECTIONS as an item you wish to copy over, and then choose to keep a continuous, automatic copy between your stores, you will also be provided the option to exclude certain product attributes during these real-time copies

5. Select which store(s) you would like to copy your items over to.

Once selected, notice how the Summary on the right-hand side of the page now reflects all of the steps you have taken. Please review before finishing the task, to ensure all of the information is correct and as you want it.

6. In both the upper and lower right-hand corners of the page, you will see the option, "Replay Shop". Click either of these to initiate the copy (and sync, if selected) of these bulk items, from your master store to your destination store(s).


*Important note: If copying a paid Theme being used in the master (from the Shopify Theme Store), then a valid purchase of that Theme is also required on each account for a valid license.

As such, the destination store will also need to purchase a valid license for that Theme as well.

Without a valid license, merchants are not able to receive support for the Theme from the respective Theme developer.

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