Important note: If the Theme being used originated from the Shopify Theme Store, then a valid purchase of that Theme is also required on each account for a valid license, in order to use that Theme.

As such, the destination store will also need to purchase a valid license for that Theme as well.

Without a valid license, merchants are not able to receive support for the Theme from the respective Theme developer.


If Themes are the only item you wish to copy over to your destination store(s), but you would only like to select certain Themes - as opposed to all of them, in bulk - Replay offers this exact feature to tailor to your specific needs.

To copy specific Themes, complete the following instructions:

1. From your Replay home page, select "New Replay Task".

2. From the drop-down list, select "Copy specific Themes".

3. Select which destination shop(s) you wish to copy these specific Themes over to.

4. Under 'Theme', you will see your entire list of individual Themes from your master store. (For this example, my test store only has one option to choose from at this time - however, these instructions can be followed regardless of how many are listed from your master store.)

Click the checkbox next to every Theme you wish to copy over - leave all Themes that you do NOT wish to copy blank.

Note: You can narrow down your results by typing in keywords into the blank search box above the listed Themes. 

5. Once you have selected all of the specific Themes you wish to copy over, in the upper right-hand corner of the page, select "Replay Themes".

These specific Themes will now be copied over from your master store to your destination store(s).

***Please Note: If your Theme contains Media/Image files from the Files section of your Store Settings, these will be emailed to you in a confirmation email from the Replay app, and will then need to be manually uploaded into your destination store afterwards.

Instructions for this can be found here.***

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