Part of our goal when creating Rewind was to be able to provide continuous backup protection and accessibility to your data, thus removing the need to take up precious local hard drive space. Your backups are stored online in our secure Rewind Vault. You access your Vault through the Rewind app in your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Your vault contains every version of every item we've backed up from your online store. You can easily browse the Vault and instantly restore an old version of any item with a single click.

Since the Vault stores a new version of every item in your online store, it's quite large, and the data is not stored in a way that could easily be imported into the platforms we backup.

For example, when rewinding a product, Shopify or BigCommerce need access to the image files to rewind the images. If the backup is saved locally, there's no way for them to access the image, and rewinding would not work.

We do recognize, however, that some customers want access to the backup for safe keeping, in case something happens to Rewind. For this reason, we do allow customers who have been with us for a minimum of six months to request an export of their data, which we will send to them via email. For customers on our Enterprise Plan, we can provide these exports immediately.

If a customer has neither been with us for the minimum period nor is on the Enterprise Plan, we do offer the option to provide an export for a one-time charge of $100.

All exported data is provided in .JSON file formatting.

Contact Rewind Support at to request an export of your data.

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