If you've copied over a Smart Collection and noticed that its associated Products didn't copy over as well, it could be because your Smart Collection is not manually sorted.

Replay is configured so that whenever a Smart Collection is copied, its associated Products will only be automatically copied with it so long as the Smart Collection has been sorted manually.

If it's not sorted manually, the associated Products will not copy over when you copy the Smart Collection itself.

To work around this, you have two options:

1. Run a Products copy.

-Once copied over, the Products will automatically be sorted into their respective Collection (so long as the Collection is already within the destination store)

2. Contact us at help@rewind.io and request that we disable this configuration for you.

-That way, going forward, the Products in your Smart Collection will always be automatically copied over as well, regardless of whether the Collection has been sorted manually or not

-Once we disable this configuration, you can simply then recopy the Smart Collection again, and its Products will copy over with it now.

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