When setting up a continuous, ongoing copy task, you have the option to exclude certain Product attributes from being copied (when copying Products or Collections on a regular basis).

If you choose to exclude Product pricing from being copied, you may discover that after copying the Products to your destination site, they can't be found from the live storefront.

This is because when price is excluded from the Products copy and the Product is being copied over to the destination store for the first time, its price will be set at $0.00 (which you will then need to manually change accordingly). 

Replay is configured so that if a Product is copied over whose price is set to $0.00, Replay will automatically change its status in the destination store to Hidden, rather than being Published.

We configured the system this way at the request of our customers, in order to avoid the chance of Products being sold in the live store for a price of $0.00.

How to work around this:

When running the first copy (wherein all of your Products are copied to the destination store, and price is excluded), ensure to go into the destination store afterwards in order to manually adjust their prices as needed, and then switch its status to Published.

Going forward, whenever a Product is added to your master store (and thus, being copied for the first time as a brand new Product to the destination store), you will need to go into the destination store at your earliest convenience. to set its price and make it Visible.

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