Our Enterprise plan caters to the largest stores with the highest number of products and orders. We understand that this is a vast business with an extensive amount of data needing to be protected and kept safe, both for the owner's peace of mind and their customers.

There are several excellent reasons why our Enterprise plan is worth considering for your store:

  • We are obsessed with great customer service! We're located in Ottawa, Canada, and have access to chat, email, and phone support for our customers. If something goes wrong outside of normal business hours, we'll help you at any time of the day.
  • We are equally obsessed with building a great product. We track every change we make in your online store to products, collections, themes, etc. and these items can be rewound/restored back to a previous version at any time. We are working on support for backing up and restoring metafields, and are constantly improving the product with additional features.
  • As an Enterprise customer, you'll be able to backup multiple stores (up to five) with that $299/month plan. This can be utilized to backup development stores, test stores, stores for other language and/or currencies, etc.
  • You will also have the ability to turbo charge your backups. This allows us to go as fast as Shopify and/or BigCommerce will allow - a huge benefit when performing manual backups or when rewinding items.

We have worked very hard to build a product that works as well as it does. Backup and restoring through an API is not easy, but customers love both Rewind and our Enterprise plan. We know we can sleep peacefully at night when our customers never have to worry about the safety of their data - no matter how large the store!

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