The store(s) responsible for payment in Replay is dependent upon which of our two plans you're subscribed to:

1. For the Pay As You Go plan (though all stores must be subscribed), only the store(s) being copied from will ever be charged. Stores being copied to (destination stores) are always free.

2. For the monthly Unlimited plan, all stores will need to be subscribed to this plan and provide payment each month.

***For customers who are also using our backup app, Rewind, we can provide a discount so that any and all master stores (stores being copied from) will be refunded in full and then placed on our Free plan going forward. As part of this discount, only stores being copied to will be charged each month.***


"How do I know which plan to subscribe to?"

Deciding which paid plan you should subscribe your stores to is dependent upon your use-case and intentions with Replay:

If you only intend to make a one-time copy or intermittent copies, you should subscribe any and all stores being copied to/from to our Pay As You Go Plan.

If you intend to make many copies, wish to setup a continuous, ongoing copy, and/or wish to copy Product Metadata, you'll need to subscribe any and all stores being copied to/from to our Unlimited plan.

***Note: Stores on one plan will NOT be able to be associated and copy to/from stores on the other plan. Only PAYG stores will be able to be associated with each other, and copied to/from. The same applies to stores on the Unlimited plan.***


"What if one of my accounts is a dev store and not on a paid Shopify plan?"

We can provide workarounds for stores in development if the conditions are right. Contact us at to find out if your copy job is something we can help you with :)

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