As of June, 2018, Replay can now copy over the following Product metadata:

  • Product and Variant metafields
  • Metafields on Product Images, such as ALT Tags
  • SEO metadata

***Please Note: Due to the way Shopify currently handles SEO webhooks, any additions/changes/deletions made to SEO metadata will not noticed by Replay (in order to be properly copied) unless something else within the Product's description or title is also changed as well. 

Therefore, if adding, changing, or removing anything from your Product's SEO metadata, we recommend adding something simple to the description body and/or Product title, too, such as an extra space. This way, the proper webhook from Shopify will be triggered, and Replay will be notified of the SEO metadata that has changed / needs to be copied over. 

For instructions on handling/copying SEO metadata for Products, please click here.***

Replay currently does not yet copy Collection metafields - however, we'll be working with Shopify on this feature, and intend to have Collection metafields copying available to customers in the coming months.

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