At this time, there is no feature that allows our customers to tailor their email alerts (i.e. unsubscribing from the automated weekly Change Report emails). We intend to implement such features in the near future.


For the time being, however, we recommend changing the primary email address associated to your Rewind account. It can be a fictitious address, although we would highly recommend an email address that is still active, just less frequently used. This way, these automated emails can still be accessed if need be.

To change your email address on file, please refer to this article.


At this time, BigCommerce does not offer the option for customers to edit and associate a separate password to their store apps. The email used for their BigCommerce store is the only email the customer is able to access and edit.

We do not recommend changing this email address to one less frequently used or one that is not active, as you might then miss important emails regarding your BigCommerce store and/or other installed apps.

However, if you wish to change the email address associated with your Rewind app, please contact us directly and we would be happy to manually make the change from our end.

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