At this time, you can only rewind Orders individually within your Rewind UI. Please follow the steps below to rewind your Orders one-by-one:


1. From your Rewind Home Page, in the Rewind Vault section, select "Enter the Rewind Vault". This will take you to the part of the Vault that deals with rewinding items one by one.

2. This page will categorize all the items Rewind backs up for you. From this list, select "Orders".

3. Locate the specific Order you wish to rewind. This can also be done by using the Search bar and entering in a key word(s). To the far right-hand side of the desired Order, click "Versions" to access all previously backed up versions of this specific Order.

4. Use the right and left scroll arrows to locate the specific version you would like to rewind for this Order.

5. At the bottom of the desired version, select "Rewind Order".

The selected version of this Order will now be restored/rewound back into your store.

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