What can I restore with Rewind for Mailchimp?

Written by Kaleigh Harley
Updated over a week ago

Our goal for Rewind is to build a backup solution that not only reliably saves and protects your entire Mailchimp account, but allows you to easily rewind your items back into your account in the event of any type of data disaster.

At this time Rewind can backup and rewind all of the following Mailchimp items:

  • Lists
  • Interest Categories
  • Interests
  • Members
  • Tags
  • Merge Fields
  • Segments

At this time, Rewind cannot backup

  • Authorized Apps
  • Automations
  • Connected Sites
  • Conversations
  • Associated E-commerce Stores
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Reporting Settings
  • Reports
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