We backup the Blog and all of the articles associated with that Blog.

More specifically, we backup:

  • The content of the Blog
  • The feature Image
  • Tags
  • Handle
  • Title
  • Published status

At this time, we do not backup the Metafields on the Blog.

*Note: While we also backup Images included within the Blog Post itself, as well as any links in the body of the Blog that reference an Image, we cannot guarantee that its content will be retrievable in the event of a rewind/restore.

For example, if the content associated with the link (i.e. the Image at the URL) is deleted from their end, we will not be able to retrieve it. Similarly, if you manually saved and then inserted an Image into your Blog Post, but then that Image was deleted from its original source/platform, we would lose our access to it and would not longer be able to rewind it.

These are both features that we plan on backing up in the future.

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