How can I access my data if my Mailchimp account is inactive?

Written by Kaleigh Harley
Updated over a week ago

If you’re familiar with using Rewind for the platforms Shopify or BigCommerce then this will be a little bit different. For Mailchimp as well as Quickbooks Online clients, Rewind is its own standalone platform, independent of Mailchimp where you can access your data remotely and always have a copy.

Unlike with these other platforms, you do not need to keep your Mailchimp account in order to maintain access to your Rewind backups.

So long as you maintain your active Rewind account, you can continue to sign into your Rewind account and view your backups, regardless of whether you choose to close down your Mailchimp account.

*Please note that while you can maintain your Rewind account on its own and continue to have access to your backups, if your Mailchimp account is deleted, you will be unable to perform a rewind as there is no account to rewind to.

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