In order to begin backing up your Shopify store, you will first need to select and subscribe to the appropriate Rewind plan (determined by the size of your store, as defined by its number of products and number of orders, averaged over a two months' span).

Choosing your Rewind plan can be done within the installed app, under the Subscription page.

Once this is complete, your first backup will begin automatically, and will remain automatic on a daily basis (at 12am local time).

The beauty of Rewind is that everything that needs to be done in terms of running your backups is meant to be as effortless as possible for you! For every plan but our Growth plan, you will also have access to continuous, real-time backups performed automatically whenever a change is made to their store.

In addition, you will have the option right from the app's home page to perform manual backups, too, if necessary. Otherwise, you can just sit back and be rest assured that we're doing the work for you!

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