NOTE: At this time, you can only restore individual items from the Rewind UI. But restoring multiple items, items in bulk, and/or your entire account ARE still things we can currently help you with! :)

We're working on including an Account Restore feature, which will allow you to restore your entire account at once to a previous date and time. We're also working on giving you the ability to rewind items in bulk (e.g. ALL Invoices, ALL Customers, etc.). 

***While these features are not yet ready from your end of the app, should you need to restore your entire account back or restore items in bulk, simply contact us at with this request, and we'd be happy to perform this restore for you.***


How to Restore Individual Account Items within the App:

From the Rewind Vault located in your Rewind account homepage, you can use the search bar to narrow the results of the item(s) you wish to view/restore, or simply scroll through the list as it's presented to you.

To restore any of your account items, simply do the following:

  1. Next to each listed item in your Vault, there's a View Versions button. Click on this for the item you wish to view and/or rewind.

2. You will be able to see when that item was last backed up, and can view and/or each individual backup for that item by clicking on 'Select Versions'.

3. You'll then be presented with a list of all the dates and times that item had changes made to it in your account and was thus saved to your Vault. To view each version's specific details and/or rewind it, click the date for each version.

4. To rewind that version, you can then click "Restore To This Version".

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