Rewind backs up your QuickBooks Online data continuously (in real time), which means there's no single "backup" to go back to - instead, within the UI, you can restore items either one by one or back to a certain time.

We're working on providing you with the ability to restore your entire QuickBooks Online account back in time, as well as restore items in bulk automatically. For the time being Bulk and Account wide restores must be done manually by our dev team and are submitted through the "Advanced Restore" tab.

***In the meantime, you can "undo" (restore) changes that are made to each individual item directly from the app, and should you ever need to restore your entire account back to a given date/time, simply contact us at with this request and we can perform an account or bulk item(s) restore on your behalf.***


We'd love to know more about how you think you'll use Rewind for your QuickBooks Online account, so we can build a better product for you. If you have any type of thoughts, suggestions, or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at - your insight is the best tool to help us grow!

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