For QuickBooks Online customers, all changes to your QuickBooks Online data is automatically saved to your Vault in real-time!

In addition to that, as an extra precaution, your entire account will be automatically backed up each night at 12am local time. You can also perform a manual account backup at any time, if desired.

In terms of how we track and backup your data:

Rewind records the state of every resource in the system as it changes incrementally, without using the transaction log.

How this would be treated if a restore is needed:

If you were to reverse the deletion of a transaction, for example, we would restore it to the deleted state (if that’s the time you wanted it restored to).

As we've got snapshots of your accounts every time we perform a backup, even if you were to perform a restore back to a certain date, we'd still have the information backed up from beyond that date in case we needed to recover it.

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