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How to copy your QuickBooks Online file

This guide will help you navigate copying your QuickBooks Online file to an empty shell

When you sign up for the Rewind platform - you have the ability to copy some of your data to a new account. The steps below will walk you through that process.
  1. Login to Rewind or sign up for a free 7-day trial of Rewind Backup: https://app.rewind.io/users/sign_up
  2. Connect the QBO file you wish to copy from (the source file) to your Rewind account. (Click here for a step by step guide on how to link your QBO account)
  3. Once connected, the file will begin to backup which can take from 20 minutes up to a couple of hours depending on how large your QBO file is. You will know the backup has completed once the button no longer shows as backup in progress.
  4. In QuickBooks Online, create a new empty file in QBO which will be the destination file for your copy (ensure you name the file something different from the source file before connecting it to Rewind). 
  5. Connect the new empty file to Rewind and wait for it to fully backup.
  6. When you're ready to copy click the "Copy Data" tab from the main page of Rewind.
    Rewind - SaaS Backups 2020-06-15 10-34-39
  7. Select the source file from your account list that you wish to copy from,
    How to copy a QBO file_.pdf 2020-06-15 10-52-36NOTE: Your source file will automatically be selected as this is the account you are currently in.
  8. Select the destination file you wish to copy to.
  9. Click the “START” button at which point we will compare the settings of your source file and destination file to determine if there are any changes required before attempting a copy. If there are any changes required you will be notified of which changes to make. If there are no changes required the copy process will begin and can take up to a couple of hours to complete. 
  10. Once completed you will receive an email notification with a report on how your copy went and any details on items that may require manual intervention if any.