Replay offers you the freedom to easily manage multiple stores - a great tool to create development sites, testing stores, and for running shops in different countries/languages/currencies, etc.

At this time, Replay can clone/copy the following items from one store to another:

  • Products, Product Images, and (for those on our Unlimited monthly plan) Product Metadata
  • Pages
  • Blogs and blog posts 
  • Collections* 
  • Themes** 

*FOR COLLECTIONS: Includes all associated Products for Custom Collections. For Smart Collections, associated Products will only be copied over with the Collection if they have been MANUALLY sorted. If the Smart Collection does not have manual sorting, simply copy over the Products, and they will then be associated to the Smart Collection once cloned over, per the Smart Collection's rules.

** FOR THEMES: Includes the Theme's coding and asset levels, but not Files - any documents, such as Images, that have been manually added to the theme via Shopify's Doc Uploader will not be able to be copied, as Shopify doesn't yet allow us to access a store's Files section. Additionally, any Headers/Footers on your site may be located within your Navigation Menu, rather than the Theme - if so, we cannot access those, as Shopify doesn't yet allow any third-party apps to copy Nav Menus.


Important note: If the Theme being used originated from the Shopify Theme Store, then a valid purchase of that Theme is also required on each account for a valid license, in order to use that Theme.

As such, the destination store will also need to purchase a valid license for that Theme as well.

Without a valid license, merchants are not able to receive support for the Theme from the respective Theme developer.


Regarding Products, Replay copies all of their following properties:

  • Title
  • Image(s)
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Product type
  • Product vendor
  • Tags
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Bar code
  • Weight, etc. 

Replay does not copy Product Inventory.


***At this time, Replay does NOT yet copy Store Settings, Navigation, Customers, Categories, Orders, Shipping Zones/Rates, Third-Party Apps (and their respective data), Files, or Metadata for Collections

We're working with Shopify on our ability to clone Metadata for Collections, and intend to have that feature available in the coming months. In the meantime, Metadata for Products can now be copied.***

In addition to simply cloning the above items from the source store (the "master shop") to the destination store(s), Replay also provides the option for you to enable a continuous, automatic copy - ensuring that any changes/additions/edits made to any of the above items within the master store are likewise made in real-time within the destination store(s) as well!

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