For our ENTERPRISE customers:

Rewind backs up Shopify SEO data for Products and Product Images. We also backup metadata for:

  • Products
  • Product Images
  • Pages
  • Blogs
  • Blog Articles

We are working to expand it to other fields in the future.

There's nothing these customers need to do in order to 'turn on' metafields support. If you're on the Rewind Enterprise Plan - which supports metafields - Rewind will automatically backup these metafields.

If you rewind an item to a date after we started backing up metafields, then we'll automatically update the metafields for your item when you rewind it.

If you rewind an item to a date before we started backing up metafields for your store, then we won't update metafields for your item when you rewind it. (This ensures that we don't wipe out metafields that the item has attached.)

***At this time, backups for metafields are not yet available to our other plan members.***

We can completely understand why our customers wish to have access to this feature; many Shopify Plus members, for example, do not need or have the volume increases required for the Enterprise Plan, yet their stores still heavily rely on the use of metafields.

At this time, we currently do not have the ability to backup custom metafields for stores. Through Shopify API, we can only request 1 metafield at a time, and we have a limit of 2 API calls per second.

When a product is updated, we don't know which (if any) of the metafields were updated, so each product update can result in hundreds of additional calls. Then if we also take into account the fact that many Shopify store owners have hundreds - sometimes thousands - of products, it becomes even more complicated.

If a store owner were to update many products at once - say, for inventory changes - on a regular basis (i.e. nightly, as our system automatically does), it becomes incredibly unlikely that we would ever be able to backup the store completely - we would not have enough time in the day to make all the necessary API calls.

There's nothing more that we would love than to be able to backup all metafields for all customers. We are always trying to find ways to make this possible, and - ideally - would like to one day include this feature for everyone using Rewind. But for the time being, however, this would first require a change to the Shopify API.

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