Rewind has recently introduced Theme backups to your Vault. At this time, per BigCommerce's API, Rewind can only automatically backup your Stencil Themes, but not your Blueprint Themes. This is due to the fact that Blueprint is BigCommerce's legacy Theme technology; there is no API to access Blueprint Themes.

We're working on a way to make backing up these Blueprint Themes automated - but in the meantime, should you require any Blueprint Themes to be backed up, this will need to be done manually by our team, and will first require a few steps to be put into place:

Step 1: Creating a New User

The first thing you'll need to do is create a new User within the Admin dashboard of your store. This User will be created for the purpose of providing Rewind access to your shop's WebDAV space.

a) From your Store's Admin, go to Account Settings, and then select Users.

b) Select Create a User Account.

c) Start by entering in an email address. We suggest using an email account that YOU have direct access to. Since this is only being done so we can have the WebDAV access needed to backup your Blueprint Theme(s), we don't need access to this email address.

d) Under the User Role drop-down menu, select Custom. This will automatically remove access to all of the typical Permissions, since we don't need access to any of that data.

e) When you scroll to the bottom of this page, ensure that Enable WebDAV is selected. By default, it should be.

f) Click Save at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Provide Rewind these User Credentials

The next thing you'll need to do is provide us here at Rewind with a few pieces of data for this new User, that would've been generated upon saving the User in Step 6 above.

You can provide us this data in the following way:

a) Open up an email, and enter as the Recipient address.

b) Back in your store's Admin, go back to the User created in Step 1 above, and copy the Password located under the WedDAV section.

c) Visit, and paste it into the Enter the Password to be Shared field. Then click the Push it! button.

d) Copy the generated URL.

e) Paste the URL into the same email, along with your BigCommerce store name, as well as the email address you used when creating this User (in Step 1: c) and the Path URL located at the bottom of that User page, under the WebDAV section.

f) Send this email to to with the subject: Rewind BigCommerce WebDAV.

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